Learn to use iBackup Viewer to extract information from iOS backups created by iTunes

iBackup Viewer is a free tool for browsing iphone backups database. And save person contact to Mac Address Book, export call history and sms messages to well formatted text file. View and save iPhone Apps' data quickly. If you want to extract data from encrypted backups, please get a license for Pro version

  • Download and Install iBackup Viewer

    Download the latest version of iBackup Viewer from download page. Find the file "ibackupviewer.zip" file under your Downloads folder when downloading finished. Unzip the file you'll get the installer file "iBackupViewer.dmg", double click the file to open and mount the installer, then drag the icon "iBackup Viewer.app" over "Applications" to finish installation. 

  • If you're running windows, you will get the installation package with name "iBackupViewerSetup.exe".  Follow the installation steps to install iBackup Viewer on you system. 

  • Run iBackup Viewer

    After successfully install iBackup Viewer, run it from "Applications" or Launchpad. iBackup Viewer will automatically load and show data including contacts, messages, calendar, call history, voice recordings and photos etc, if there is any backups on local computer. You can alternate the backup location to different directory from "Preferences".

  • If iBackup Viewer load any backup successfully, it will list each backup with summary information including iOS version and name of the device.

  • Navigate Backup Contents

  • Click on any backup thumbnail will lead you to the contents of the backup. Normally iBackup Viewer will load 11 default items: Contacts, Call History, iMessage, Calendar, Notes, Voicemail, Recordings, Safari Visit History and Bookmark, Photos, Apps, and Raw Files for every backup. 
  • Optionally, iBackup Viewer loads WhatsApp and WeChat if they are in the backup. 

  • Save contacts and groups to Mac Address Book

  • iBackup Viewer can export single contact or group into vCard files, you can import the saved vCard files into Mac Contacts or google contacts .

  • Call history

    Navigate to "Call History" item from the left side bar. All calls will be shown in the right side list table. Incoming calls and outgoing calls are marked by different icons, which make it obvious to check.  To save history, you can either save all calls as txt file or formatted csv file.

  • You can also save call history to formatted PDF file.

  • SMS and iMessages

    iMessages and sms messages are the most frequently requested feature from the users.  iBackup Viewer can extract sms messages with attached photos and videos, and can display the message conversation in similar style as iPhone does. So, you can easily check and review chats with friends. 

    iBackup Viewer provides the easiest way to save messages as conversations to PDF file and formatted CSV file. You can print out some of the chats on paper as well. 

  • To show messages from date to date, click the date filter button on the top left of messages, and choose the start date and end date, then click "OK" to filter messages between the chosen dates. 

  • iPhone Photos

    Click "Photos" tab, iBackup Viewer loads all photos backed up and displays thumbnails.

    Slide the slider at the bottom to change the thumbnail size for good experience.

    There are two ways to export and save iphone photos to disk:

    • "Save All Photos..." button, this will export all photos to selected location
    • Select photos to be saved, and right click, choose "Save Selected Photos..." or "Save All Photos..."

  • Preview Apps' data in image mode

    iBackup Viewer will automatically detect the type of user data file for preview. If the data file is a kind of image, it will be shown as image.

    Right click on image or file list to save the file or open with Finder.

  • Preview Apps' data in text mode

    Otherwise, iBackup Viewer will tries to open the file as text. But if the data file is encoded plist, iBackup Viewer will automatically convert it to readable format for preview.

    Right click on image or file list to save the file or open with Finder.

  • WhatsApp Messages

    The WhatsApp icon will be visible in the left side navigation panel when the backup contains WhatsApp, choose "WhatsApp" icon to load and parse WhatsApp messages, iBackup Viewer deal with WhatsApp messages in the same way as iOS native Messages. You can of course save WhatsApp messages to text file, csv file and PDF files.