Copy iPhone and iPod music songs to Mac with iCopyAssistant

iCopyAssistant makes it easy to copy iPod to Mac, and songs on iPhone to iTunes on Mac computer. iTunes only sync songs from local Mac computer to iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch, but sometimes we need to copy songs on iDevices like iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone / iPad to Mac computer to rebuild iTunes library, or we want to build iTunes library on a fresh new computer. iCopyAssistant can do what iTunes can't, transfer songs on iPod to Mac computer and rebuild iTunes library. Also, iCopyAssistant will rebuild lost playlists, and meta data of music tracks together to new iTunes library.

  • Download the iCopyAssistant

    Download the latest version of iCopyAssistant from download page.  Find installer file "iCopyAssistant.dmg", double click the file to open and mount the installer, then you'll see:

  • Install and Run iCopyAssistant

    Drag the icon "" over "Applications" to finish installation. Then, run the application, if there is no iPod or iPod Touch or iPhone / iPad connected to Mac computer, you will see the main window looks like below

    Transfer songs from iPod /iPhone to Mac

    Connect any iDevice (iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) to Mac computer, iCopyAssistant will load all contents on iPhone and show information in summary.

    This screen shows information about the device and storage info about media on iPod / iPhone /iPad.

    Select playlist on the left panel, will show music tracks in playlist

    Click "Transfer All" to copy all songs on iPod to iTunes on Mac or select tracks in the track list and transfer selection.

  • Done! iTunes library rebuild according to iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone / iPad.