Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac and iTunes

Imagine that when you replace a new computer, and want to recreate iTunes library without lost meta information of tracks. And fortunately, you have all your music on iPhone, Cefipx is the easiest app to copy iPhone music and rebuild iTunes library with the transferred songs.

Cefipx offers various ways to copy music to mac and add transferred tracks to iTunes library. Following these steps to do the transfer that iTunes can't do:

  • Download and Run Cefipx

    Download the cefipx installer package and extract the DMG file, mount DMG file in file system and finish installtion.

    Open and Run ""

  • Summary Information about iPhone

    When you have your iPhone connected to mac computer, and run, Cefipx will detect and load iPhone library.

    The left side panel lists out the playlists of iPhone music library. And right side panel shows the summary information about iPhone device and statistic chart of different type of tracks.

  • Music Tracks on iPhone

    Try to choose playlist in left side panel will switch to listing of tracks within the selected playlist. You can either select to transfer the tracks or preview track before copying by double-clicking.

    The dot before every track indicates the status of the song in local iTunes library. Blue dot indicates the track is not in iTunes library, and green dot means that the track has already been in local iTunes library.

  • Copy Tracks to Mac Folder

    If you don't want to add songs to iTunes library but only to copy to folder on mac computer. Right-click on selected tracks and select "Copy to Folder...". Cefipx will make the tracks in well organized folder structure depends on settings in preferences.

  • Transfer Tracks and Add to iTunes Library

    There are two ways to transfer tracks from iPhone to mac and iTunes:

    Transfer All, this is the easiest way to copy all music tracks from iPhone to mac computer and add them to iTunes library.

    Partial Transfer, this is the way to transfer some selected songs to mac computer and add the transferred files to iTunes library.