How to Transfer iPhone Music to Mac Computer Music Library

Imagine when you change to a new computer and want to recreate the iTunes library without losing the meta-information of your favorite songs and tracks. Fortunately, you have all the music on your iPhone. iCopyAssistant can easily copy the iPhone music and rebuild the iTunes library with the transferred songs.

The following simple steps introduce how to finish copying music from iPhone to computer.

  1. Download and Run iCopyAssistant

    Download the iCopyAssistant installer package and extract the DMG file, mount DMG file in file system and finish installation.

    Open and Run ""

  2. Summary Information about iPhone When you have your iPhone connected to mac computer, and run, iCopyAssistant will detect and load iPhone library.

    The left side panel lists out the playlists of iPhone music library. And right side panel shows the summary information about iPhone device. Detailed information can be found in iCopyAssistant tutorial

    iCopyAssistant Device Information

  3. Copy iPhone music to Mac and music library

    First let us get familiar with the music interface

    iPhone music interface

    • 1 Music playlists on iOS device
    • 2 Flag indicate if the track is in local music library already
    • 3 Search for a track
    • 4 Copy all tracks or selected tracks under current selected playlist
    • 5 Copy the selected tracks to folder on computer
    • 6 Transfer the selected tracks to chosen location in preferences, and add the transferred songs to music library on computer (iTunes library)
    • 7 Toggle the visibility of the track information panel
    • 8 Play and preview the track (double click the track or select "Play" in context menu)
    • 9 Click to show the menu

      The context menu

    iCopyAssistant tracks context menu

    • Play - Play and preview the track
    • Copy to Folder - same as button 5, transfer selected tracks to computer
    • Send to iTunes - same as button 6, copy and add the tracks to mac music library

      Copy iPhone music to folder on Mac

      If you just want to copy music from iPhone to a folder on your computer, but don’t want to add the copied songs to the music library, you can choose "Copy to Folder" 5, select a location to save the music files and complete the transfer.

      Transfer music to Mac music library

      However, if you want to add the copied songs to the local music library at the same time, please select "Send to iTunes". iCopyAssistant will copy the song files to the folder set in the settings, and then add the songs to the local music library (the copied files may be deleted, depending on whether the option "Copy files to Music folder when adding to library" in preferences of is enabled). If you want to add the copied songs to the specified playlist, please check the option "Add songs to playlist" in the "iTunes" section of preferences, and select or enter a new playlist name.