How to set favorite song as ringtone on iPhone


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How to set favorite song as ringtone on iPhone


There are many reasons for us to add new ringtones to the iPhone, and set different ringtones for different contacts to make it easier to distinguish the caller information, even set song as ringtone on iPhone, so as not to miss important calls.

Usually, if you need to add a new ringtone to the iPhone, you need to download it in the App Store, and then sync it to the iPhone with Finder on macOS or iTunes on Windows PC according to Apple documentation . Or you can use iTunes to clip a section of a song on your computer (usually no more than 40 seconds), then save it in m4r format, and import it to iPhone through iTunes or third-party software.

iCopyAssistant provides a quicker and simpler way to set song as ringtone on iPhone. Selecting a song you like, then setting the length of the ringtone and simply clicking the "Add to iPhone" button to add the generated ringtone to iPhone, and the rest of the operations will be automatic completed by iCopyAssistant.

How to set ringtone on iPhone more than 40 seconds

The following steps introduce how to use iCopyAssistant to create a ringtone with your favorite song from music library on iPhone and add the ringtone to iPhone:

  1. Download and Install iCopyAssistant

  2. Launch iCopyAssistant

  3. Create a ringtone and add the ringtone to iPhone There two options to create a iPhone ringtone with any song:

    • Create and add a ringtone directly in Ringtones view 1. Choose a music file or existing ringtone file on your computer.

      set ringtone

    • Select your favorite song from music library on iPhone 1

      set song as ringtone

  4. Set duration of the ringtone and give it a name (recommended), click the "Add to iPhone" button to add ringtone to iPhone

    ringtone settings

    options and buttons:
    1 Open any music file as iPhone ringtone
    2 Choose duration of the ringtone, can be longer than 40 seconds
    3 Play and preview the effect. It plays from the start of the chosen duration
    4 Loop playing the selection
    5 Length and range of the selection
    6 Set the name of the ringtone, which will be shown on iPhone. Auto generated unique name will be used if you leave it blank
    7 Choose the connected iPhone to set the ringtone on 2
    8 Save the iPhone ringtone to your computer, you can set it as ringtone on iPhone later.
    9 Close Ringtones Maker window

  1. Keep in mind that you must own the DRM-free copy of the song file. 

  2. If the ringtone does not appear in "Settings -> Sounds & Haptics ->Ringtone" on iPhone, try to close the "Settings" and reopen it.