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AddressBook Cleaner

AddressBook Cleaner is the best contacts duplicates remover on Mac OS X.

version (mac) 2.93

md5: 39b976d6009b0302c1a2748305dd5377

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The most powerful iTunes duplicates cleaner delete duplicate songs in three steps.

version (mac) 2.60

md5: 6c56eda8f670b16b12c351ace56227e9

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The ultimate app to transfer music from iPhone to mac computer, and iOS file manager and explorer.

version (mac) 4.04

md5: 06d3ff4d1b70b1eb93b47a33bdca2fde

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IMT Image Converter

IMT Image Convert is an easy to use Mac Image Convert, to convert image formats and shrink photos to smaller size.

version (mac) 3.20

md5: e358cb4ee6923e98496afb42aa2f3473

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IMT Exif Remover

IMT Exif Remover deletes EXIF information data from JPEG image file.

version (mac) 1.50

md5: 1e9ef51a08a6b383ac6fffc95dd9202d

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iBackup Viewer

The best free tool to extract contacts, messages, calendars, recordings and photos from iOS backups created by iTunes.

version (mac) 4.2690

md5: 49167d619fcf40362f80a0b990aed77e

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version (win) 4.27.10

md5: 683939537e09781eff62e2327dd183ad

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