Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, check whether you entered your number correctly - maybe you've accidentally copy-pasted it with spaces or invisible symbols.

And please make sure you have an available internet connection to access our website.

Otherwise, please contact us here or directly send us email to

This happens usually because your email system filters our order email address as spam, please check your spam/junk mail folder for the email sent from us.

If you can't find the email contains the registration code, please contact us via the contact form or send email to You'll get response from us within 24 hours.


Registration code for single license can only be used to activate an app on one computer. If you try to activate an app on more than one computer, your code may be banned without charging back or refund.

Registration code(s) for pair pack license can be used on at most two computers.

Registration codes(s) for family pack license can be used on at most four computers.

Registration codes(s) for site license can be used on limited number of computers.

Please make sure you have a valid internet connection and the app to be activated is not banned by firewall to access internet.

You'd better enter the registration code by copying & pasting to avoid typo issues.

If your code is for single license and you've shared it with others, your code maybe disabled. We will not offer any kind of refund for this situation.

Yes. Please follow us on twitter @imactools for latest coupon code. Or contact us directly.