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AddressBook Cleaner

How to remove duplicated contacts on Lion with iCloud?

How to simplify repeated phone numbers and email addresses of contacts.

Can't delete any contact?

Deleted contacts appear after successfully deleting. This is always because of iCloud. iCloud will recover Address Book after any changes made. You can either disable iCloud or follow the steps to work with iCloud.

Why AddressBook Cleaner does not load any contacts?

This probably because you have selected "Don't Allow" to access Contacts when the app runs first time.
This can be fixed very easily by these steps:

1. Go to "Apple" -> "System Preferences..."

2. Select "Security & Privacy" , and choose "Privacy" tab

3. There will be an item "Contacts" listed on the left of the screen. Focus on "Contacts"

4. You may find that "AddressBook Clear" is unchecked, check it to enable the app to access your Contacts.