AddressBook Cleaner

Delete Duplicate Contacts on Mac

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Upload on:December 13, 2019
Requires:Mac OS X 10.8+

Remove duplicates from Address Book on Mac.

AddressBook Cleaner is a duplicate contacts remover app for cleaning up Apple Address Book on Mac to avoid duplicated contacts. Supposed to keep Address Book clean and contacts unique.

Why AddressBook Cleaner?

Many chances let you need an app to remove duplicate contacts from Mac Address Book. Those may be, sync process goes wrong somewhere along the line and creating lists of some duplicate contacts, importing VCards from other program etc. It always takes time to find out and delete the duplicate contacts after the terrible dupes being generated.

AddressBook Cleaner is exactly such duplicate contacts remover to help you finding out all the duplicate contacts in Address Book matched various situations, and marking the ones unwanted automatically.

Remove duplicate contacts

Get rid of duplicate contacts from mac address book becomes easy with AddressBook Cleaner, simply run it and choose whatever matching conditions. Matched duplicates will be listed in groups, and AddressBook Cleaner attempts to mark unwanted contacts automatically for deletion.

find duplicate contacts

Optional Conditions

AddressBook Cleaner works to find duplicates according to various optional conditions, including names (first name, last name, nickname), phone numbers, extra custom fields.

Auto Backup

To avoid losing contacts, AddressBook Cleaner does create backups before deleting checked duplicates by default. The auto backup feature provides the possibility to revert the deleted contacts in any time as needed.

Simplify Contacts with Repeated Fields

Contacts always contain same email addresses or phone numbers repeatedly, AddressBook Cleaner is the right tool to delete repeat phone numbers and remove duplicate email addresses for these contacts. You'll get a clean address book with few simple clicks.

Work with iCloud

iCloud is good in many cases, but one of its drawbacks is generating duplicates of contacts after syncing several times from iPhones and computers. Although iCloud does not a feature to avoid the duplicates. but AddressBook Cleaner does in a smart way.

The tutorial "Remove duplicate contacts of iCloud" will lead you learning how to clear duplicate contacts from both local computer and iCloud with AddressBook Cleaner.