Export Calendar from iPhone Backup

Learn how to install and run iBackup Viewer

Load Calendars

With iBackup Viewer you can export events from all calendars, or just single calendars extracted from iPhone backup.

Click the "Calendar" icon after opening a backup to load calendars and events.

Calendar View

Calendars View

  • 1 Calendar list
  • 2 Events of the calendar
  • 3 Options to export calendars and events

Export Calendars and Events

Click on the "Export" button to show options

export calendars

  • Export events of single calendar

    Choose 1 "Selected Calendar to ICS..." to export all events of current calendar to a single iCalendar file.

  • Export all events of all calendars

    Choose 2 "All calendars to ICS..." to save all events of all calendars to separate ICS files.

  • Export single event

    save single event to ics file Click on individual event will show details about the event, click "Export" button to save the event to ICS file.