How to Save iMessage to PDF on Mac and Windows

You may want to download your imessages for various reasons. PDF is the most popular and standard file format to present rich content documents, including well formatted text and images. So PDF is really suitable for storing iMessages from your iPhone.

The advantage of PDF file is maintaining the native style as of, including photo attachments. With iBackup Viewer, you can easily export iMessages to PDF files from iPhone backups.

Here is a step by step tutorial to save iMessages to PDF:

  1. Download iBackup Viewer for Mac or Windows

  2. Launch iBackup Viewer after installation.

  3. Open the backup by clicking the backup icon.

    click to open backup

  4. Click on "Messages" icon to open messages

    open messages

  5. Enable options to Save photos in PDF in Preferences

  6. Save iMessage to PDF

    • Find message thread with keyword, click the magnifier icon to filter
    • Choose "Current Thread to PDF " under "Export" to save selected iMessage thread to PDF
    • Choose "All Threads to PDF" under "Export" to save all (filtered) messages to PDF


  7. Options for output PDF

    pdf options

  8. Advanced options for messages output

    • Set information about the output PDF file
    • Set password to protected the generated PDF file
    • Options of messages
    • Render background of output messages
    • Adjust sizes of message output

  9. Click "Save" and choose a folder to finish creating iMessage PDF file.