How to Transfer and Backup WhatsApp Messages

If you're using WhatsApp on your iPhone, you may need an easy way to save WhatsApp message history to printable format for various purpose. iBackup Viewer is the exact app to do such work for you. What you need to do is just few clicks.

  1. Create a backup for your iPhone with iTunes.

  2. Get the iBackup Viewer for Mac or Windows according to your situation.

  3. Installer and run iBackup Viewer.

iBackup Viewer backups

Then choose the backup you've created with iTunes in the left side navigation panel, expand it and select "WhatsApp".

open WhatsApp messages

(The item "WhatsApp" may not appear if the backup does not contain WhatsApp)
  1. Find and choose the conversation thread to be save, and then

Open the "Export" drop down menu, choose "Current Thread to PDF..." if you'd like to save the messages to PDF file

output options

or "All Threads to PDF..." to save all conversations to separate PDF files.

Optionally, you can save the messages to well formatted HTML files by selecting "Current Thread to HTML..." or "All Threads to HTML..."