How to Backup iPhone in Any Folder

As we all know that iTunes and Finder (macOS Big Sur) can only create iPhone backups in default location. If you want to backup iOS device in folders other than the default, more work is required, for example, creating symbolic links to the default folder (introduced here). But sometimes it will be a little slower on Windows computer for no reason.

Create iPhone backup anywhere

The new version of iBackup Viewer makes this task super easy to finish. Here are the simple steps to make backups for iOS devices:

Download and Install iBackup Viewer

Windows (iTunes is required)

Download the installer, and run the downloaded EXE file to finish installation.


Download the installer, and open the downloaded DMG file. Then drag the the "iBackup" over the "Applications" icon and drop to finish installation.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Once iBackup Viewer is running, and connect iPhone to computer via USB or lighting cable. It will detect the device. The device will not be connected automatically for the first time. iBackup Viewer will show a prompt to trust the computer on iPhone.

Trust before connect

And, a confirmation dialog will also show on iPhone. Press "Trust" to allow the computer access data on the device.

Trust on iPhone

iBackup Viewer will then find the device, and show count of connected devices in the status bar, as shown

Create or Update Backup

Click the count of devices in status bar, and choose iOS device need to backup, iBackup Viewer will list all backups of the device opened if there is any.

Update existing backup

list backups of the iOS device

Click "Update" to create iPhone backup, and overwrite the existing data.

Create new backup in chosen folder

create new iPhone backup

By default, iBackup Viewer will create backups in application data folder, but you can change the default location in "Preferences". And you can change the location for individual backups.

  • Click "Create" to make fresh backup. If there is already a backup within the given location, iBackup Viewer will ask to overwrite it or cancel the process.
    • Check "Set a Password?" to set password and create encrypted backup. ("Set a Password?" option only available if no encryption settings on iOS device)
  • Disable encryption if it is already enabled on the device. Password is required to remove encryption.

    disable iPhone backup encryption

  • Monitor the progress of backup creation.

  • Cancel the backing up by clicking "Stop" button
  • Backing up complete