Save History URLs of Opera Touch for iOS from iPhone Backup

iBackup Viewer provides an easy way to view files of a backup in different formats without extracting them. One of the most popular file format used by iOS Apps is SQLite. iBackup Viewer brings a built-in simple SQLite browser, which makes it easy to browse and save data to CSV file. To understand how it works, this tutorial will introduce the steps to export visited website addresses that viewed in Opera Touch on iPhone to CSV file.

First, make sure you have a backup of your iPhone.

If you don't have a backup, create one with iTunes, or iBackup Viewer if you'd like to create a backup in other location than the default one following this tutorial.

Download iBackup Viewer for Windows or Mac

Install and Run iBackup Viewer

Launch iBackup Viewer and Open "Raw Files"

Raw Files

Find Opera Touch in the left panel domain list

Opera Touch

Choose the database file in the file list

The data file of opera touch for iOS in iPhone backup is with path "Library/Application Support/Opera_Touch.sqlite", find and right click on the file.

preview sqlite

Choose "View as SQLite" from the context menu.

Select the database table that stores visits history.

The table "ZDBSITE" stores all the URLs of visited websites.

Click "Export" button save records as CSV file

The SQLite browser will list all columns of the table for output except those columns with data type "BLOB". You can tick to choose columns to be exported.

Export sqlite to csv


Advanced Query with SQL

You can use SQL to create query clauses to get more complicate and efficient results, if you're familiar with SQLite. For example, if we only want to output four columns of the visit history to CSV file, Z_PK, ZVISITCOUNT, ZHOSTNAME, ZTITLE, and we want only 2 of the results. Click the button "Execute SQL" and enter :


Notice that the table name and column names are case insensitive here. Click the button "Export" will get:

sql columns

Save as CSV file

Once decide the columns to output, click "Save" button.