How to save whole iMessage conversation as PDF on macOS?

Currently, works smoothly on both macOS and iOS devices, and the content of conversations are synced instantly through iCloud among all devices logged in with same ID. This gives us an easy way to access iMessages on Mac computers, for example exporting iMessages to PDF files. But, the on macOS prints out  only the messages displayed in the view to PDF files, this is inconvenient if you'd like to save all messages. 

Fortunately, the mac version of iBackup Viewer works out this issue perfectly by following these simple steps:

  • Download and run iBackup Viewer 
  • Open messages from the main menu 

    open mac messages

  • Click on "Export" button at the top

    export menu

  • Choose "Current Thread to PDF" to save selected conversation
  • Choose "All Threads to PDF" to save all conversations to separate PDF files
  • Adjust options for the output PDF file

    pdf options

        Choose correct font (the content will be messed up if the font doesn't support your language)
        Sizes for texts
        Paper size
        Margins of the page

    *Click "More Options" for advanced options

  • Advanced options 

    advanced options for messages

        Meta information about the PDF files
        Including title, author, keywords, and passwords if you want keep the pdf privately.
        Options to control output content, and layout of the result PDF files.
  • Click "Save" to start.