Find out lost photos from incomplete or corrupted iOS backups.

Some times, we may experience failing to create  a backup for iOS device due to failure of iTunes and other third party software. Which will introduce incomplete iOS backup. This kind of backup is always lack of important meta information files, such as Info.plist, Status.plist, Manifest.plist etc. And of course iTunes doesn't recognize the incomplete backup, neither do other programs.  

iBackup Viewer provide a way to recover important data from incomplete or corrupted iOS backups, including contacts, messages, calendars, recordings, voice memos, notes, photos and WhatsApp messages. Photos are always the most important data for most iPhone users, it is really a pity when we lose photos because of incomplete backups. iBackup Viewer tries analyze the files within the backup folder and finds out the possible photo files and rebuild the data structure to allow users viewing and exporting photos as many as possible from those corrupted iPhone backups. 

Here are the simple and easy steps to accomplish the recovery process

  • Open the backup from a folder manually. 

  • The folder should be well organized as a valid iOS backup folder. iBackup Viewer will validate the folder structure before further processing. Sometimes, we may want to re-do the recovery process on a proceeded folder, so we can check the option "Force repairing if necessary?" before opening. 

  • It may take some time (generally several minutes if the photo data structure is corrupted) to analyze and recover. 

  • Click "Open" to open the repaired backup and view, or "Cancel" to finish the recovery process.