View PList File ( Property List File) on Windows 10

A PLIST file is  a settings file used on Apple operating systems, also known as "Property List" file. PLIST file is widely used by iOS apps and macOS applications. macOS provides several ways to open and view PLIST file, for example xcode and "Property List Editor".  But there is no such program to view plist file on windows. iBackup Viewer offers a free utility tool to view binary and xml PLIST files, also provides a simple HEX viewer to view binary data value of the plist file. Please follow these steps to open plist file on Windows.

  • Install and Launch iBackup Viewer

  • Download and install iBackup Viewer on your computer,  launch iBackup Viewer. 

  • Open Property List Viewer

    When iBackup Viewer starts, choose "Property List Viewer" from the main menu

  • Click the "Open" button to open and view a PLIST file. 
    iBackup Viewer supports editing property list file starting from version 4.18.2 (4.1820 for Mac) 

  • Change type of item

  • Allow editing value of plist item

  • Easily undo or redo changes 

  • To view binary data value looks like "<6400a322 f303ac23....a3c4d232>", double click on the value to open hex viewer.

  • Edit value of "Data" item

  • iBackup Viewer supports pasting base 64 string to edit value by pressing Control + V or Command + V when "Data" item is selected. 

Save changes
iBackup Viewer supports saving both xml and binary formats property list file.