How to Extract and Save iPhone Live Photos from Backups

Live Photos is a new iPhone camera feature that brings movement in your photos. A Live Photo is actually composed by a static image file (in format of JPEG or HEIC) and a video file. If you copy the photos directly from iPhone or transfer other third party softwares, you can only get the static image. iBackup Viewer handles the Live Photos automatically, both the static image file and the video file will be saved. Here are the simple steps to extract and save Live Photos:

  1. Download and Install iBackup Viewer for Mac or Windows

  2. Launch iBackup Viewer

  3. Open "Photos" section

  4. Choose "Live Photos" from the left side panel

    Live Photos

  5. Change options in "Preferences" to choose saving the static image and video file into a folder or separately.

    Live Photos Option

  6. Click "Export" and choose "Current Folder..."

    Live Photos in Folders

    Option Checked: Save Live Photos in separate folders

    Live Photos without folders

    Option Uncheked: Save Live Photos without folders

  7. Done.