Retrieve iPhone Backup Password back Using iBackup Viewer

Sometimes, you may forget the password of the iPhone backup created by iTunes long time ago. Now, iBackup Viewer gives you a chance to get the password back. But before doing any further steps, you need to make sure that the password can not be too long, because long password takes long time. We recommend that if the length of the password is longer than 8 characters, please give it up. It will take years to get it back. And, if you can remember the characters for the password, you'd better input them as the candidate string, which will save so much time to get the password back. 

  • Choose an encrypted backup

    Launch iBackup Viewer and choose the encrypted backup, that you want to retrieve password back for.

  • Open the password recovery window

    Go to the menu at the top of the screen, choose "Password Recover..." under "Help"

  • Prepare for the trick

    First, you need to set up the length of the password. Shorter password takes less time, longer one may take days to get the result. So, you need to set the minimum and maximum accurately. And, you'd better choose to provides your own custom characters as the candidate string, which will save so much time to get the password back.  After setting up, click "Recover" to start the process.

  • Get the password successfully

    If your password is not longer than 6 digits, and you've provided the accurate candidate characters for the password, it may get it very quickly.  Remember the password, and try it!

  • Conclusion

    iBackup Viewer tries to brute force guessing the password according to your settings, the time to get the backup's password back depending on the length of the password.