Convert iOS HEIC  to JPG and HEIC to PNG on Windows and Mac

High Efficiency Image File Format known as HEIC is used by Apple's iPhone. It's a modern replacement for JPEG, and often has .HEIC file extension. 
The HEIC format makes images with smaller file size and higher image quality than JPEG standard. But not all platforms and softwares can read HEIC image format, which make it difficult to share photos in HEIC format with others. 

iBackup Viewer brings a free tool to convert such HEIC images to JPEG and PNG on both Windows and Mac computers, which solves the problem.  To convert HEIC images to JPG or PNG files, you need to:

Install and Launch iBackup Viewer

  • Download and install iBackup Viewer on your computer,  launch iBackup Viewer. 

  • Open HEIC Image Converter 

    When iBackup Viewer starts, choose "HEIC Image Converter" from the main menu -> Tools

  • Drag .HEIC files over the window and drop, or click text "Choose"  to open HEIC files
    then, you will be asked for a location to save the result images.

    after choosing the location to save the result images, the converting process will start. 

  • wait until iBackup Viewer finishes converting all HEIC images to JPEG or PNG.