Extract Data from Incomplete iOS Backup

iTunes sometimes doesn't create  iOS backup successfully and leave a copy of incomplete backup, which can't be used for restore an iOS device or viewed by third party extractor apps. iBackup Viewer now supports to repairing the fundamental important data like contacts, messages, notes, photos etc. from such an incomplete backup.  

  • Open an Incomplete Backup

  • Manually open a backup saved in different location other than iTunes Default backup location. If the opened folder contains iOS backup files but lacks necessary meta information file about the backup, iBackup Viewer will try to repairing important data from the backup as many as possible. If the backup is encrypted with a password, then the Manifest.plist file is essential to unlock the data. 

    Click "OK" to start repairing.

  • iBackup Viewer will detect the iOS version of the backup automatically depending on several criteria. It will ask for iOS version if the it fails finding necessary information. 

  •  Then there will be a brief list showing status of repairing result. Click "Open" to open the incomplete backup as normal.