Extract Photos and iMessages from iCloud Backups

More and more users prefer to backing up their iOS devices like iPhone and iPad to iCloud instead of saving on local computer with iTunes.  Earlier version of iBackup Viewer handled local backups very well, but could not extract data from iCloud backups. Now, the new version of iBackup Viewer supports downloading backups from iCloud and then read the backups as local ones. 

  • Login with iCloud Account

    It's easy to login with your iCloud account by clicking the "iCloud" button locates at the top right of the default screen. 

  • Enter iCloud Account and Password

    Enter your iCloud account and password, and login.

    If the provided account and password are authenticated, only the account name will be remembered due to security concern.

  • Choose a Backup for Downloading

    If the previous step succeeds, all of the backups under the iCloud account will be listed here. The further actions will be enabled when you select a backup from the list.

  • Download Backed up Files Partially

    It's possible to download some of the files for example photos in camera roll, when you click "Advanced..." in last step. You will get a list of all folders and files, check "CameraRollDomain" for example and continue.

  • Fully Download the Backup

    Of course, you can click "Download..." directly in the step of "Choose a Backup for Downloading". Select a location to save the backup and wait for completion.

  • Open the Downloaded Backup in iBackup Viewer

    After the fully downloading finishes, you will have three options: Open, Show in Finder and Close.
    Click "Open" to open the backup just downloaded, and add it to the backup list.