Extract Contacts from iPhone Backups

Using iBackup Viewer to extract contacts from iPhone backups is absolutely easy. iBackup Viewer can read out groups and contacts from backups which backed up by iTunes. You can either save separate person to mac address book or to file in vCard format. Of course, it's possible to save all people with certain group.

To extract contacts from iPhone backups, following these easy steps:

  • Download and Open iBackup Viewer

    Download iBackup Viewer, unpack the zip file, and mount the .dmg file. install the app by simple drag and drop. Then open to run the app.

  • Learn about the Layout

    There there panels on the "Address Book" tab. The left side panel lists the groups. The middle panel shows the contacts from the chosen group. The right side panel displays the detailed information of a contact.

  • Extract and Save contacts from Menu

    Right click in middle contacts panle to show the context menu:
    Save All Save all contacts listed into mac Address Book.
    Save All with Group Save all contacts into mac Address Book and the group, also add the inserted contacts to the group.
    Save Person as vCard... Save the selected contact to file in vCard (*.vcf) format.
    Save All as vCards... Save all the contacts to vCard (*.vcf) files.

  • Extract and Save Contacts by Buttons

    There 3 buttons for saving extracted contacts

    Save Group Save contacts in the chosen group with the group to Address Book.

    Save people Save contacts in the chosen group to Address Book, and skip the group.

    Save Person Save single contact to mac Address Book