Extract SMS messages from iPhone backup

iBackup Viewer is the free iPhone backup extractor to view and manage iOS backups made by iTunes. It is very easy to extract SMS messages from iPhone backup, and save to text files or csv files (PDF files as well for Mac version) for both Mac users and Windows users.

To extract sms messages from iPhone backup, please follow these simple steps:

  • Download and Install iBackup Viewer

    Get iBackup Viewer mac version or windows version, and finish installation by following simple steps. 

  • Launch iBackup Viewer

    Normally, iBackup Viewer will load local backups automatically if there is any in the specified location (You can change the location in Preferences).  Click on the backup you want to extract iMessages from.


  • Open SMS&iMessage messages

    Click "iMessages"  icon to load messages of the backup.

  • Save SMS & iMessage to files

    Click on the drop down button "Export" at the top right of the window. iBackup Viewer supports saving iMessages as formatted plain text file, CSV file and PDF files on both Windows and Mac computer.