IMT Image Converter is a fast and powerful mac image converter and mac photo resizer built to shrink photo size and convert image file formats.

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Easy, fast, powerful image converter and photo resizer for Mac.

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IMT Image Converter is an easy and efficient mac image converter and mac photo resizer for creating smaller photo images and photo thumbnails. If you would like to create smaller photo images from camera photos to make it easy to share with friends. With IMT Image Converter, such a scutwork will be done automatically with simple clicks. Sometimes, you need to decrease photo image size to share with others by posting blog or transferring to friends. Although, the can do the resizing and conversion work, but if you have more than one photo images to be shrinked, it will be a tough job with it. IMT Image Converter is the exact app to resize photo in batch, and convert image formats in batches.

Add both text and image watermarks on images to protect copyright. And export JPG to PDF files.

IMT Image Converter 3.0 runs on Snow Leopard or newer OS X.

  • Easy-to-useConvert image from
    PNG to JPEG becomes
    really easy with few clicks.
  • Super FastShrink photo to smaller size
    in batch extremely fast.
  • Flexible SettingsVarious settings on reslut
    images for advanced users.
  • Exif InspectorInspect EXIF information
    of digital photo images.
  • HistogramShows color histogram of
    selected image.
  • Batch Photo ResizerSupport reading as many
    image formats as Apple does on Mac.
  • Batch RenameRename result photos in user
    defined templated names.
  • WatermarkYou can add beautiful text and
    image watermarks on images.
  • Safe ConversionAsk for confirmation while
    overwriting existing files.
  • Smart OutputPut resized photos to source
    file location or sub folders.
  • Quick LookView images in thumbnails
    and Quick Look.
  • Full ScreenSwitch to full screen for larger
    spaces for image viewing.
  • Photo FrameAdd wonderful frame border
    on photos. Support multiple
    frame combination.
  • Create PDFExport images to PDF file
    with flexable settings and
    password protection.
  • Keep ExifAvoid losing EXIF data for
    JPEG Photos. To get exif removed, please check Exif Remover