The Ultimate App to Remove iTunes Duplicates

Why iCleanup?

iTunes library always generates lots of duplicated tracks because of many reasons. Such as importing multiple files of same song with different file names or syncing with iPhone and iPod. So, we always need to make iTunes cleanup with a handy iTunes duplicates cleaner. Although, iTunes provides a way to show all duplicated tracks by choosing from menu "File->Display Duplicates", but this only can choose and delete track one by one. iCleanup is exactly such iTunes Cleanup tool made for removing iTunes duplicate tracks automatically.

Checking Wizard

iCleanup magically checks unwanted tracks according to various indexes after finding duplicate of tracks, this is really useful to delete tons of duplicate tracks in iTunes.

Visualized Indexes

Show number of duplicates, unwanted tracks and lost dead tracks in different colors visually. Gray color indicates number of duplicates for a track. Red color indicates unwanted tracks which need to be deleted. Orange color indicates number of lost dead tracks.

Security Remove

iCleanup offers three ways for duplicates removal: remove, move to trash and delete permanently.
Remove only remove unwanted tracks from iTunes library, but keep the associated files.
Trash remove unwanted tracks and move the associated files to Trash.
Delete delete associated files permanently.

  • Fast Scan DuplicatesSearch duplicate tracks
    fast and accurately.
  • Automatic CheckingCheck all unwanted
    tracks automatically.
  • Intelligent SortingSearch for duplicates
    on various conditions
  • Security DeletionKindly notice to keep a
    single instance for safe.
  • Preview PlayPreview play music
    and video before deletion.
  • Finder InteractionReveal files associates
    to tracks in Finder.
  • Three Ways DeletionRemove tracks, or move
    file to Trash or delete
  • Easy and EfficientEasy and efficient with
    less memory used during the
    whole process.
  • Simple ClicksCleaning up duplicates
    with simple clicks.
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