March 26, 2015 - iBackup Viewer for Mac 3.51
iBackup Viewer for Mac 3.51 includes various fixes:
▹ Fixes html problem with Internet Explorer.
▹ Fixes location map issues when viewing generated html messages.
▹ Fixes crashes on generating html files for WhatsApp messages.
▹ Various fixes.
March 26, 2015 - iBackup Viewer for Windows 2.50
iBackup Viewer for Windows 2.50 includes:
* New feature to support WhatsApp messages.
* Changes on messages display, shows more information with photos and locations.
* Supports location information in messages.
* Supports shared vCard for messages.
* Improves performance to generating html files for messages.
* Makes it more easier to print to PDF files and XPS files .
* Fixes crash bugs .
March 20, 2015 - iBackup Viewer for Mac 3.50
iBackup Viewer for Mac 3.50 includes major updates:
▹ built for 64-bit system only, OS X systems earlier than Lion 10.7 are not supported.
▹ being compatible to retina display.
▹ improves performance of UI display.
▹ fixes crashes while exporting contacts to vCards, which were caused by empty instant message information.
▹ adjust message displaying layouts.
▹ adds new feature to show brief information of message conversations.
▹ sorts chat conversations by date .
▹ supports to show messages from date to date.
▹ adds ability to show messages in smaller and bigger font sizes.
▹ improves speed of displaying messages.
▹ adds support to location information contained in messages.
▹ adds support to vCard in messages.
▹ implements popovers to preview message attachments by clicking any message.
▹ add supports of preview video and audio attachments in popovers.
▹ adds support of WhatsApp messages.
▹ fixes bugs that failed to save messages to txt file.
▹ generates better looking html files of messages, add searching feature on both thread and messages.
▹ adds support of search raw files, which makes it more easier to find a specific file by name.
▹ many more bug fixes and improvements.
March 4, 2015 - iBackup Viewer for Windows 2.42
iBackup Viewer for Windows version 2.42 includes:
* Fixes problem of loading mobile safari history for newer iOS devices.
* Fixes other bugs.